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Atlantis Collection - No Flip

Atlantis Collection - No Flip

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MBC Mattress

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No Flip / Single-Sided Design Eliminates the hassle involved with flipping a two-sided mattress.

Features Foam Encased Unit Provides full perimeter reinforcement with high density foam making this mattress more durable. Increases usable sleep space by up to 20%. 336 Spring Unit The industry standard, it offers years of reliability. Inner springs allow you to sleep up to 28% cooler than foam. Flex Foam Two inch thick, soft flex foam adds extra comfort and support to this entire mattress. Convoluted Foam Offers increased air circulation, comfort and support for the body. Bamboo Cover Bamboo's soft and luxurious feel combined with its natural, anti-bacterial and moisture managing properties create fabrics that offer a greater sleeping comfort.


Ratings: Comfort 4/5

Firmness 4/5

Twin Set - $395

*Mattress & Foundation also sold separately

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We will always shop for quality furniture with this company. 👍

My wife and I purchased a sofa/loveseat set and 8 PCR dining room set. We love everything and after freight still saved 1,400.00. We will always shop for quality furniture with this company. 👍